Viper Cache Review – 10x Faster WordPress Site in 30 Seconds

What is Viper Cache?

Viper Cache is one of the superb wp cache plugin that detects the most visited pages & reloads automatically to save your website bandwidth. It’s help you to make your WordPress site up to 10x faster in just 30 seconds. It intelligently detects site changes to enable auto-cache clearing. It’s clear single page cache perfectly with leaving all other pages untouched, so in result with speed optimization this plugin also saves your web server resources.

Viper cache reduce the load time by 450% and performs 77% faster than WP rocket. This is one of the plugin which passed tests against all of the leading WordPress cache plugins on the market. This plugin has beaten all the top caches on the market during tests on the same website with the default settings. Viper cache is good as the best caches on the market which is much easier to use than others.

Viper Cache Review

In this Viper Cache Review we look at page load speed, and how important it is in the eyes of Google to get good rankings. Because search engine want fast loading pages and fast loading site, also a users or website visitors wants. Viper cache is the easiest, and the fastest way to give your website a huge speed boost. That’s because cache serves up a ready to go page to your browser, instead of your server having to work to build every page on each visitor request.

Product CreatorMatt Garrett
Product NameViper Cache
Product TypeWordPress Plugin
Viper CachePremium Cache Plugin
Plugin Price27$97$ (50%off)
Refund30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
SupportFast & Effective Response
Official siteViper Cache Official Website
RecommendedHighly Recommended For WP

This plugin massively reduces your site’s server load, which means your pages will load much faster, and your server can handle more simultaneous visitors without you needing to upgrade your hosting plan. Now, the problem with conventional cache plugins is that no matter which one that you use, they’re terribly complicated. With pages and pages of settings. if you just get one setting wrong, your entire site will break. The most popular free plugins are constantly hacked, which means they’re a honeypot to hackers. That of course, is a big security risk to your website. And here’s the worst thing about conventional cash plugins, also including some of the best paid plugins available on the internet.

Say you have a website with 100 pages. Every time you make just one minor text change to just one page, all of your cache pages are automatically deleted. As a result, instead of serving your guests, your server is occupied with restoring all of these sites. This is a rather inefficient method of doing stuff. The more pages you have on your website, the worse this issue becomes. And it’s especially bad if the product has a case preloading feature. This causes a lot of headaches for webmasters. There’s over 3 million results for the search term problem with cache plugin, and this is one of the plugin fixes all issues and 10x Faster WordPress Site in 30 Seconds.

Improve Website Load Time

Website load speed affect SEO in Google, you’ll see the lots of articles on the fact that if your site or page load slowly. You’re going to rank worse in Google. Basically, Google and other search engines likes your page to be fast. The human response normally is to visit one or two pages. If its take long load time. The possibility is leave the slow site. Basically, if your page or your site takes more than 3 to 4 seconds to load, you are going to be losing visitors, which is why Google doesn’t like it. So you have to make it sure that your site loads quickly as possible, which is where WordPress Viper Cache plugins come in and works for you.

There are more things that we can do to speed up website load speed. We can also enable file image size fixing. If we improve that through the plugin that will push our speed scores further up. There’s other bits we can do. Again, the improvement simply from switching the basic defaults for the cache plugin. But there’s more we can do with the plugin as well. So you can see this kind of difference using the right cache plugin. This plugin is recommended. It does the good job and it does it really well.

Viper Cache Benefits

  1. It does not interfere with your themes or plugins, and gives you the highest output results.
  2. It’s based on a secure framework that helps reduce the risk of being hacked.
  3. Extremely easy to use, work more with fewer options than any other cache product.
  4. Employs smart clearing & restoring technologies to prevent hogging server resources.
  5. Made with the fastest cache technology available without compromising site stability.
  6. Easy to use settings make it simple and the status quo for all cache plugins.
  7. Improve security of pages according to vulnerabilities listed on security sites.
  8. It’s reduces load time and performers 77% better then other premium plugins.

Installation Activation

  • Click on Upload plugin.
  • Simply choose the Viper cache.
  • Click on install now to install it.
  • Once installed, go into the menu and activate it.
  • In license key option paste Viper Cache license key.

Viper Cache V2 Review Conclusion

So finally, here’s why you should try Viper Cache plugin. We expose all the issues in this review which Viper Cache V2 fixes and give your site a speed boost. The issues which the industry hides And coming up with solutions that give you the edge over your competitors. Hundreds of people already using it. There has no complicated settings and there’s no bloated codes, so it’s super lightweight, secure and reliable. It employs smart case clearing, which ensures that there is no unnecessary server load, as with other items, resulting in lower hosting costs for you. Massively speed up your website, all you have to do is set it and forget it. Which of course, gives you faster running sites means higher rankings, more traffic and higher conversions.

Viper Cache vs WP Rocket And Other Plugins

Comparison between Viper cache and competitors plugin. This plugin has a huge performance advantage over other cache plugins. In this case, we’ll compare Viper cache to WP rocket, a premium paid product that costs $49, $99, or $249. To compare the two plugins, we installed them both on our WordPress site and run pingdom speedtest.

Viper Cache Demo

The first thing I’m going to do is run a control speed test on the website without any cache plugins activated. As you can see, it’s taken 8.6 seconds to load without any cache enabled.

WordPress Speed Cache

Let’s test with WP rocket and after complete the test. WP Rocket make nice improvement and reduce the load time of website down to 2.85 seconds.

Now activate Viper cache on same site and again we run a speed test. It’s reduces load time by 450 percent and outperforms WP rocket by 77 percent.

Here is actual difference between Viper Cache and WP Rocket. 2.85 downs to 1.61 seconds.

Viper Cache Review 2

Viper Cache is one of the best WordPress cache plugins that has passed all of the industry’s checks. During tests on the same website with default settings, this plugin outperformed all of the top caches on the market. Here is detailed image after comparing with other plugins.

Viper Cache Review

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