Woman who lost family in Titan shipwreck “I gave up my seat at the request of my teenage son”

Woman who lost family in Titan shipwreck “I gave up my seat at the request of my teenage son”


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(Photo) The Titan submarine entering the sea

Christine, the wife of Pakistani businessman Shazada Dawood, 48, who was killed in a recent accident, and the mother of Suleman Dawood, 19, gave an interview to the BBC for the first time since the accident, saying he was originally from the country said he planned to board the submarine. Christine said the Titan trip was originally planned before the pandemic and she was disappointed that her son Sleman was not old enough to accompany her at the time. However, after the corona crisis, underwater tourism resumed and her son wanted to go, so she gave up the chance to board. When she was asked what she thought of these decisions, she Christine said: “I pass that question.” “My husband and son were very excited. Suleman wanted to break the new world record for the Rubik’s cube in the depths of the sea,” she said. Christine said that her son liked to play with a “Rubik’s cube,” in which each side of a regular hexahedron is colored the same color. She said: “My son signed up for the Guinness Book of World Records in advance to break the world record by solving Rubik’s cube 3,700 meters under the ocean. Christine’s family boarded the Titan mother ship on the 18th of the Day of the Father hoping for a once-in-a-lifetime voyage.Christine was aboard the mother ship with her daughter when the news of the loss of contact with Titan was received.When she first heard the shocking news, she had high hopes of It would happen, but after about 10 hours, she was filled with worry and anxiety. “I was very hopeful and it was the only way I could get through the situation at the time,” Christine said. After that, Christine constantly checked the level of the sea, but after 96 hours with her husband and son in the submarine, she felt she had “lost hope.” But her daughter Alina said she hoped to return alive until she received news that they had found each other. remains of the submarine Christine and Alina promised to learn the Rubik’s Cube in memory of Sleman. She also told the BBC that she planned to continue her husband’s charity work. Shazada, who lost his life in the accident, is vice president of Engro Holdings, Pakistan’s largest food and fertilizer company. In an interview with NBC on the 22nd, Shazada’s older sister said, “Since I was young, my younger brother has watched the 1958 film ‘SOS Titanic: A Night to Remember’ over and over again. He was obsessed with the Titanic”. It wasn’t positive, actually I was very afraid. But (he said) he stayed with his father on Father’s Day to make him happy.” The Titan, which began a deep-sea dive on the 18th, lost contact 1 hour and 45 minutes after the start of the dive, and four days then, on the 22nd, the US Coast Guard announced that all five people on board were dead.The US Coast Guard announced that it found five wreckage from the Titanic, including a tail cone (conical structure at the top of the Titanic). fuselage), about 488 meters (1,600 ft) below the ocean floor near the bow of the Titanic. Based on this, it was concluded that all five of the Titan’s passengers were dead. The submersible is presumed to have implosed underwater (a phenomenon in which the submersible suddenly collapses inward due to strong external water pressure and is destroyed.) On board Titan are Oceangate CEO Stockton Rush, British billionaire Hamish Harding, Shazada Dawood and his son Sleman, and the French marine expert Paul Henri Najolet. The US Coast Guard has launched a search operation to recover the occupants and the submarine, but said the bodies are highly unlikely to be recovered. A US Coast Guard official said of the possibility of a body being found that day: “The seabed around that area is in an extremely harsh environment, so I really don’t know.”

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